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Over the past 25 years, we’ve developed considerable expertise in window manufacturing. Our investments in R&D allow us to offer an extensive range of windows designed using solid, top-quality materials that exceed the highest standards of energy-efficient performance. Our windows are suited to all tastes, styles and budgets.

For all your projects involving windows, make sure to check your area’s building code and urban planning rules before placing an order.

Magistral’s philosophy

Our windows are produced using cutting-edge technology.

  • Custom configurations for a contemporary or classic style

  • Glossy finish for quick and easy maintenance

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Magistral windows

You’ll find PVC and hybrid windows to suit all styles and budgets.

Awning Windows

Awning windows owe their name to the fact that they open outwards horizontally, assuming a position similar to that of an awning. They cool the room by creating an air intake from above, which means you can air out your interior with minimum turbulence. Awning windows are energy efficient, very secure, highly durable, and they protect against air and water infiltration. They offer easy handling thanks to a sturdy yet discreet retractable handle.

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Casement windows

Our casement windows are the perfect blend of high energy efficiency and innovative design. The insulating multichambers give them superior thermal properties that reduce heat loss in cold weather and prevent heat from invading the room in hot weather.They are equipped with a solid handle screwed into the sill, as well as articulated hinges that allow a 90-degree opening for easy cleaning. They also have extruded weather strips on the pane and frame that hold the glass in place and ensure absolute water and air tightness.

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Sliding windows

Our sliding windows set themselves apart by their components featuring recessed corners that highlight their innovative design. Their high-end glossy finish enhances their appearance and requires no maintenance. Furthermore, the multiple air chambers inside the frame give our sliding windows superior insulating properties, i.e., a high energy efficiency performance. The hybrid version of our sliding windows offers maximum sturdiness and durability.

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Architectural windows

Choose architectural windows to lend a unique character to your home, while at the same time enhancing its beauty and appeal. Architectural windows are also meant to add considerable light to a room. Made to measure according to your needs, they are highly energy-efficient, very durable, and water- and airtight as well. We offer several models of fixed windows in various shapes, which can be installed on their own or combined with your home’s other windows.

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Hung windows

Our single hung windows feature a glossy finish that is highly sought after and liked for its ability to reduce dirt adhesion. Their rounded-shape components give them a beautiful appearance that matches more traditional architectural styles. Their key benefit is their space-saving feature. Since there is no casement infringing on the living space, hung windows are easy to open without having to remove any objects in the way. They thus take up very little room thanks to their pivoting sash, which also facilitates cleaning.

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