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Casement windows

Our casement windows come in PVC or a hybrid of aluminum and extruded PVC. They are the perfect blend of high energy efficiency and innovative design. The insulating multichambers give them superior thermal properties that reduce heat loss in cold weather and prevent heat from invading the room in hot weather.

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Harmony hybrid casement windows

Our Harmony hybrid casement windows come in a traditional version and a contemporary version featuring a sleeker design suitable for new architectural styles. They are made using a PVC–extruded aluminum composite that gives them superior strength and durability. They are energy efficient and ENERGY STAR® certified, and they come with three integrated weather strips that multiply their insulating capacity and their resistance to corrosion, impact and surface scratches.

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Distinction PVC casement windows

Our Distinction PVC casement windows, equipped with an extruded PVC frame, offer a practicality that appeals to many since the glossy finish minimizes the accumulation of deposits. With their very stylish design featuring a concave curve on the outside, our PVC casement windows will enhance the look of any home.

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Our PVC windows are available in a wide array of colours. Find yours with the help of one of our advisors. 

Our hybrid windows are available in a choice of 5 standard colours (white, black, charcoal, commercial brown, anodized grey). Other colours may be available upon request (at an additional charge).

* Colours provided for information purposes only and may differ from actual colours.



Commercial brown


Anodised grey




Wedgewood blue



Forest Green


Several choices of glass are at your disposal. Rest easy knowing that all of our windows are designed and produced using energy-efficient glass.

  • Double glazing glass: Double glazing is assembled and sealed in factory, panes separated by an airspace or gas-filled spacers with insulation properties. 
  • Triple glazing glass: This configuration provides improved thermal performance and increases the inside glass surface temperature, which enhances soundproofing, upgrades comfort and diminishes the effects of condensation.
  • Tinted glass: In addition to adding a certain aesthetic appeal to your windows, tinted glass ensures excellent solar control. 
  • Dulled glass: Easy to clean, dulled glass features a satiny, translucent appearance that lets in light while providing privacy.

Contact an advisor for more information on our choices of glass.

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