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Sliding windows

Our sliding windows set themselves apart by their components featuring recessed corners that highlight their innovative design. Their high-end glossy finish enhances their appearance and requires no maintenance. Furthermore, the multiple air chambers inside the frame give our sliding windows superior insulating properties, i.e., a high energy efficiency performance.

The hybrid version of our sliding windows offers maximum sturdiness and durability.

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Superior thermal insulation for an excellent energy efficiency performance

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Hybrid or PVC sliding windows

Our sliding windows are energy efficient and entirely made of 100% PVC profile or, in the case of our hybrid models, of PVC-aluminum profile. The rounded exterior mullions give our sliding windows a distinctive appearance that adds to their innovative design. Their high-end glossy finish requires no maintenance, and the multiple air chambers give our PVC sliding windows superior insulating properties. As for our hybrid models, they feature superior sturdiness and durability.

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Our PVC windows are available in a wide array of colours. Find yours with the help of one of our advisors. 

Our hybrid windows are available in a choice of 4 standard colours (white, black, commercial brown, anodized grey). Other colours may be available upon request (at an additional charge).

* Colours provided for information purposes only and may differ from actual colours.




Commercial brown

Anodised grey




Wedgewood blue



Forest Green


Several choices of glass are at your disposal. Rest easy knowing that all of our windows are designed and produced using energy-efficient glass.

  • Clear glass: Our most popular and versatile option, an all-purpose type of glass.
  • Double glazing glass: Double glazing is assembled and sealed in factory, panes separated by an airspace or gas-filled spacers with insulation properties. 
  • Triple glazing glass: This configuration provides improved thermal performance and increases the inside glass surface temperature, which enhances soundproofing, upgrades comfort and diminishes the effects of condensation.
  • Tinted glass: In addition to adding a certain aesthetic appeal to your windows, tinted glass ensures excellent solar control. 
  • Dulled glass: Easy to clean, dulled glass features a satiny, translucent appearance that lets in light while providing privacy.

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