Rules and Payment

Get a PETRO CANADA GAS CARD or a CENTRES À LA MODE GIFT CARD for a $50 value when the person referred purchases over $1000 in products (before tax) with installation, or a $100 gas/gift card for a purchase of $3000 or more (before tax) with installation.

In order to be eligible for the referral reward, you must use our website to enter the name of the person you are referring before he/she makes a purchase. Only one gift card will be rewarded per referral. Please feel free to refer as many people as you like! Your gift card will be mailed to you upon complete payment of the referral’s purchase.

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Simply complete this short form to register the names of parents, friends or acquaintances that you think need to replace their doors and windows.

You can refer several people on the same form. Your Fenetres Magistral advisor will communicate with them afterward.

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