What makes a winning team at Magistral?

A sense of belonging, mutual support, the atmosphere on the job as well as proximity are, in our opinion, the main strengths that a team must emphasize in order to be at its best and most cohesive possible.

Feeling appreciated – Now there’s something that boosts morale!

The feeling of belonging is the result of our company philosophy that emphasizes recognition and the pride of being part of the Magistral team. 

We are proud of our employees.Get to know Ralph’s story

I’ve never felt that way before. I was so proud of myself and of being part of the team.”

– Ralph, Transport

Get to know Ralph’s story

It’s reassuring to know that there is always someone willing to help.

At Magistral, everyone helps everyone. That’s how we do things. We get better results that way, our employees feel safe and supported, and mutual assistance creates rock-solid bonds among our team. As the saying goes, alone you can go faster, but as a group you can go farther.

We are there for you. Get to know Cynthia’s story

That’s when I realized that we truly are a close-knit family.”

– Cynthia, Estimation Technician

Get to know Cynthia’s story

A pleasant working atmosphere is essential.

A healthy and fun work environment is what we offer. We want our employees to get up in the morning with a smile on their faces, happy to come to work at Magistral. 

We want you to be happy.  Get to know Catherine’s story

The work atmosphere at Magistral is incredible.”

– Catherine, Reception & Shipping

Get to know Catherine’s story

The importance of communicating clearly with one’s colleagues and employer.

We’re a team, and thanks to employers and employees working in close proximity to each other, communication is improved and everybody is on the same page. A willingness to listen and respect one another – both are paramount.

We are more than a team – we are family.Get to know Yves’ story

Here, whether you’re the new kid at the factory or one of the shareholders, you stand together as a team. Rock-solid!”

– Yves, Packer – Wharehouseman

Get to know Yves’ story

Ralph’s Story 

 I finally found my place.

To highlight my first ten years of service at Magistral, management hoisted my hockey shirt to the factory ceiling. Ten years! It was a very special event, very moving. I’ve never felt that way before. I was so proud of myself and of being part of the team.
It was the first time I saw a company extend such a courtesy to thank someone for his hard work. Here, we’re not just employees – we are human beings. During the shirt hoisting ceremony as they call it, all staff were present. They held a small party in my honour and everyone came to congratulate me. I was so touched!
Now, every time I walk past my hoisted shirt, I have a huge feeling of pride. I feel like I’ve accomplished something worthwhile and contributed to the company’s success. It’s the first time I hold down a job for so long. It’s fun. I finally feel like I’ve found my place and am appreciated for what I’m really worth. It feels good to be happy within my team at work.

– Ralph, Transport
14 years
of experience at Magistral
– Ralph, transport

Cynthia’s Story

I’ve never been in better company. 

During the floods at Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, my family and I had to hastily evacuate our home. I was devastated. Without even having asked, I received a huge amount of help from my colleagues at work. Because yes, over the years many of them became very good friends of mine. The HR Director contacted me immediately to ask if there was anything I needed. They were there for me. I was extremely touched.
Stéphan Charron, Shareholder and Marketing Director, along with many other employees immediately came to my rescue with a large truck to help me move my things that hadn’t yet been damaged by floodwater. During this ordeal I had to miss a few weeks of work as I did everything I could to save my house. During this time, unbeknownst to me, the staff at Magistral raised funds for me and my family via GoFundMe. Magistral doubled the amount raised by my colleagues. I was in total shock. They really looked out for me.
Stéphan’s wife even prepared meals for me and bought bedding for my children. All this helped me get back on my feet quickly. It’s not something you usually expect from a company. They were not obliged to extend such courtesy. That’s when I realized that we truly are a close-knit family. They stood by me throughout the whole thing and let me know that I could take the time I needed before returning to work. My family and I felt so loved – it gave me lots of hope. I no longer felt alone in my terrible ordeal.

– Cynthia, Estimation Technician
4 years
of experience at Magistral
– Cynthia, Estimation Technician

Catherine’s Story

I really love my job. I always look forward to going to work.

I absolutely have to tell you about my first day at work and the welcome I got. First of all, upon getting hired I was told, “We want you around for a long time and we’ll make sure you want to stay.” That marked the beginning of a great relationship. Right on the first day, management treated me to lunch and took the time to get to know me.
And for my first two days, a supervisor was assigned to me, mentoring me through the various tasks I would be in charge of. Right off the bat, I felt properly trained and confident. I feel so good at Magistral – here I am, a year later, still having fun. The atmosphere at the factory is incredible. We listen to music and fool around, always making sure we do our work properly at the same time, of course.
Management is super nice, and they understand that a pleasant atmosphere on the job yields better results. We also have lots of team-building activities to bring us together, such as picnics, BBQs and softball games. I feel like an essential part of the business, and I love that!

– Catherine, Reception & Shipping
1 year
of experience at Magistral
– Catherine, Reception & Shipping

Yves’ Story

We’re a family business, and it shows.

Being able to communicate clearly with one’s colleagues and employer is important. If you ask me, that’s our greatest strength here at Magistral. We are all on the same page. And always respectful of one another. You don’t often see companies where bosses and shareholders pass by the factory just to say hi, ask us about our families and see how things are going at work.
Everyone really appreciates it. You can tell that management are good people who maintain a family culture with all their employees. They really stand by our side. During an end-of-season rush for example, many employees happened to be absent, so management slipped on their steel-toe boots and goggles and came to give us a hand at the factory so we could get our orders out.
I’ve never seen this at any other company. Ever. Here, whether you’re the new kid at the factory or one of the shareholders, you stand together as a team. Rock-solid!

– Yves, Packer – Wharehouseman
15 years of experience at Magistral
– Yves, Packer – Wharehouseman

Magistral Advantages

At Magistral, we want our employees to be happy and remain a part of our team for a long time. So here’s what we have to offer!

Flexible Schedule

To make life easier both at the job and at home, we offer flexible hours for our office workers. Perfect for work-life balance.

Fridays, we let out early!

Take advantage of a summer schedule and more long weekends year-round!

Sporting Activities

Being the sports fans that we are, we often hold sporting events: hockey, baseball, and so on.

Group Insurance

Insurance to protect you and your family.

Bistro Cafeteria

Whether it’s for lunch or to celebrate, our company boasts a totally renovated and upgraded cafeteria where people can get together.

Social Activities

Our social committee likes to keep busy: holiday parties, potlucks, picnics, softball games, you name it.
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Why Choose Magistral?

Because we are a family business that invests in human values handed down from generation to generation. We love our employees, we want them to be happy and to remain a part of our team for a long time. That is why we do everything in our power to make them as happy as possible. About Magistral

The benefits of joining our team

At Magistral, we are grateful for our staff and believe it is important to reward them for their hard work. Because yes, we wish to keep our crew by our side for a long time.


  • Welcome & Custom Integration
  • Welcome lunch with trainer, courtesy of the company


  • Permanence


  • Group insurance implementation


  • Private celebration with shareholders


  • Hockey jersey bearing one’s name
  • Private celebration with shareholders
  • Gift certificate


  • Private celebration with shareholders
  • Gift Certificate
  • 4th week of vacation


  • Name engraved on the Magistral Stanley Cup
  • Private celebration with shareholders
  • Gift in recognition of efforts