“Distinction Plus” PVC casement windows

“Distinction Plus” PVC casement windows

Our “Distinction Plus” PVC casement windows, equipped with an extruded PVC frame, are energy efficient and are ENERGY STAR certified. Their practicality will appeal to many since the glossy finish minimizes the accumulation of deposits. With their very stylish design featuring a concave curve on the outside, our PVC casement windows will enhance the look of any home. For a simple, clean design that harmonizes well with new builds, opt for the contemporary hybrid window.

Product Description

“Distinction Plus” PVC casement windows offer a range of great features:

  • Energy efficiency thanks to the ENERGY STAR certification
  • The uncompromising aesthetics of the glossy finish and rounded sashes
  • Superior insulation properties that provide greater comfort
  • Insulating multichamber
  • Easy to maintain thanks to the sash that opens to 90 degrees
  • Perfect seal against water infiltration through holes at bottom of sash
  • Fusion-welded corner joints for added strength
  • Co-extruded double weather-stripping that holds glass in place and ensures water-tightness
  • Simple replacement procedure in the event of glass breakage
  • Multipoint lock providing continuous security
  • Adjustable hinges for perfect opening
  • Triple weather-stripping to eliminate all interior air and water infiltration
  • Handle screwed into sill for greater solidity
  • Very strong screen fabricated from fibreglass mesh, with extruded aluminium frame and latches at the four corners
  • Strong and discreet retractable handle

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Our “Distinction Plus” PVC casement windows offer several options:

  • Interior jamb extension (upsetting) available in pine or PVC-covered pine
  • Old-style horizontal muntin
  • Energy-efficient glazing produced from low-E glass with argon gas
  • Triple glazing
  • Several window colours available
  • Dark-tinted, laminated, wired, tempered and other glass types
  • 1 ¾ inch exterior moulding extension
  • Brickmold
  • Inter-pane grilles available in various colours and styles

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