If your property renovation means installing doors and windows, take advantage of the expertise of our team of highly qualified professional installers. They have all the required certifications, are thoroughly familiar with building code standards, and meet the highest criteria for door and window installation at all times.

In addition, our installers are known for their attention to detail and their courtesy. But most of all, our customers appreciate that they ensure that the premises are clean after they finish working.

We strongly advise you to use our professional installers to replace your windows and doors. This is especially important with energy-efficient windows, because improper installation can cancel out their superior performance.

Steps for your window renovations

Fenêtres Magistral can help you at every step during your door and window renovation project. This allows you to deal directly with the manufacturer.

First-rate consultation service

Visit our showroom where you can examine our window and door models and talk to one of our representatives specialized in fenestration. If you prefer, one of our representatives can come to your home to take all the necessary measurements and to offer good advice.

Top-quality doors and windows direct from the manufacturer

You can then choose, from our vast selection of doors and windows, the models that will best harmonize with your home, regardless of its style.

We offer products in styles ranging from the Victorian to the contemporary.

We manufacture our doors and windows. We are the best at installing them.

Finally, we can deliver your doors and windows if you are installing them yourself. Or let our team of installers take care of everything for you.

Installation work inspected by certified supervisors

To ensure the quality of our installation work, a certified Magistral supervisor performs random inspections of some of the worksites to guarantee compliance and to guarantee the work done by our installation teams. The inspector can also visit your home if needed.

First-rate customer service

At Fenêtres Magistral, customer satisfaction is our central concern.