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Blinds that really turn up the heat

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Blinds that really turn up the heat

What can happen if you put up blinds inside of your PVC window frames

People commonly put up blinds inside the window frames of their homes without knowing that this can damage the structure of their PVC window framing.

How come?

Because windows can warp from the heat of direct sunlight, which becomes imprisoned and concentrated on window panels due to opaque solar covers that are kept closed. When this happens, glazing is combined with the sun’s rays and acts as a magnifying glass, leading to a significant temperature increase on the inside of the window pane. Seeing as opaque blinds retain heat, when occupants leave them closed, the glass and, consequently, window framings, reach very high temperatures.

According to manufacturers’ specifications, PVC warps when it reaches temperatures of 68°C. It is therefore absolutely plausible that PVC temperatures reach and even surpass that value, effectively causing the deformation of the top bar of a window frame.

Even in January and the beginning of February, when the sun is at its lowest peak, surface temperatures can still skyrocket to 60-65°C.

Manufacturer’s tip

We recommend that you have your blinds, shades and curtains installed outside of your window frames.

If, despite all this, you put up your blinds, shades or curtains inside of your window frames, it is very important that you uncover your window panes during the day. This way, air can circulate and your window framing materials will escape overheating.

Please be aware that Fenêtres Magistral shall in no way be held responsible should its products be exposed to excessive thermal or physical stresses, as is stipulated in our warranty.