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Fall maintenance and washing your doors and windows

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Fall maintenance and washing your doors and windows

Here are a few tips to follow if you wish to extend the life of your doors and windows come fall:

  1. As the seasons change, apply silicone spray on your windows’ gear mechanisms. It is important to properly close both window panels every time.
  2. Put your screens in storage for the winter.
  3. Thoroughly clean the base of wood or PVC windows.

Note: Never use abrasive cleaning products to wash PVC windows. Specially designed products are available. Stains may be removed using white Vim brand cleaner, but surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed following the use of this product. Do check your windows’ seal joints periodically and repair them as needed, because damaged sealing can cause water infiltration inside your home.


Steel doors require very little maintenance. However, we do recommend that you grease your hinges at least once a year (during the fall) or spray them with silicone (in aerosol form) at least twice a year. To do so, remove the bolt from its hinge, one hinge at a time, apply a thin coat of grease (or silicone) and slip the bolt back in. Repeat this process for each hinge.