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Did you know that ? More than 25% of the heating loss can come from windows. As they are essential to our health and provide to our interiors a beneficial light, improving their energetic performances is a must nowadays…It is particularly the case with the enegertic glass with low emissivity, also called Low-E, used with argon.

More comfort. Their interior  surface being warmer during the winter, there is less condensation, which helps prevent  the formation of mildew.

More savings. By improving the energy efficiency, you increase the efficiency and decrease your heating cost.

More ecological. The reduction of the energy consumption means a reduction of greenhouse gas emission as well.

The energetic glass with low emissivity…let’s talk about it!

Also called Low-E glass filled with Argon

What is it?

Actually, a Low-E glass distinguish itself from an ordinary glass with its invisible thin metallic layer which has been applied on the thermical glass. This surfacing enable the shortwave solar radiation to penetrate inside the house while reverberating the same sunbeam which have become at long frequences when contacting the walls, furnitures, floors, etc. Results : The heat gets inside and stay during the winter.

What about the argon ?

In Quebec, with our winters usually cold, using a double even triple glazing is common. Argon is an inert, colorless and odorless gas substituting the air in between glasses, which improve the energy efficiency.

Any real advantages?

The answer is yes! The Low-E glasses with low emissivity, well installed, decrease drastically the energy bill thanks to the heating loss as well as the air leak. They are perfect to reduce noises coming from outside while letting the light inside. Of course, some other facts have to be considered ; is it a small or large window ? Do you want to consider a French window, etc. ? Actually, in most cases, the Low-E windows will become a real asset for your comfort and your money. Visiting Fenêtres Magistral will definitely help your thoughts.

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