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Springtime maintenance of your doors and windows

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Springtime maintenance of your doors and windows

Take advantage of these times when we are all spending more time at home to maintain your windows by following the manufacturer’s advice.

The return of sunny skies marks the beginning of outdoor chores. Maintaining your doors and windows is no exception. Proper maintenance means they will last longer, and considering the significant sums invested in doors and windows, it makes sense to take care of them.


  • Repair any used and cracked caulking around doors and windows to avoid water infiltration that could occur once snow and ice begin to melt.

Screen cleaning

  • Take advantage of warm spring days to wash the outside of your window frames and panels.
  • Remove screens and clean them. The dust that accumulates on them also dirties your windows, so it is best to get rid of it.
  • Wash screen using soapy water and rinse them thoroughly using a watering can.

Temporary repairs

  • If you notice any holes as you clean your screens, which happens often with patio door screens, use tape seals on both sides of the hole to keep unwanted insects out.
  • You can then proceed with completely replacing the screen with holes in it. You may do this yourself or hire a specialist.

 Cleaning windows and doors 

  • Never use a high-pressure washer, as it can damage your doors and windows.
  • On any oily or greasy residue, use dishwashing liquid or another mild soap diluted in hot water, taking care to dry the area afterwards using a clean, dry cloth.
  • Regularly dust your doors and windows if they are black, as this colour attracts the sun’s rays and can lead to a lacklustre finish.

Annual inspection

  • At each change of season, apply silicone spray on the gear mechanisms of your door and window components. It is important to properly close the window and door shutters each time.
  • All hardware adjustments and the removal or attachment of the movable sash must be performed by a SPECIALIST only.
  • Your windows are equipped with very high-quality hardware, which is truly simple to operate.

At least once a year, you should inspect all moving parts on the hardware for wear. Grease closure parts, locking pins, hinges and corner fittings with technical Vaseline or lubricant (such as WD-40).