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Front doors: what are the current trends?


A double door perfectly suited to a farmhouse-style home.

Thinking of redoing your front door? If so, you’re probably looking for the one that will make the best impression, right?  

A front door can truly enhance the façade aesthetic of a home. Whether it’s chic, casual or imposing, the door that best suits the style of your home — and matches your personality — is surely one you’ll find among Fenêtres Magistral’s selection of steel doors

As we enter a new season of construction and renovations, here are the trends we are most excited about for 2024.

Modern farmhouse doors keep gaining in popularity

Right now, the door market is strongly trending towards modern farmhouse doors. These are, however, not your typical rustic-style doors. They’re more of a fusion between country charm and contemporary refinement. 

Popular and versatile, farmhouse-style steel doors have their place in the countryside, but they’re just as suited to city life. Without giving in to pure modernism, they’re inclined towards straight lines and the absence of frills. And in the case of multi-paned windows, these are larger or variously sized for a more up-to-the-minute look. 

Be that as it may, plenty of people will still favour a door that matches the architecture of their home to a T — whether they live in a traditional home, a mid-century modern house or other type of dwelling. And quite rightly so! A classic door can make a historic residence truly magnificent, whereas a more retro entryway can add just the right touch of authenticity to a modern house built in the 1950s or 1960s. And that’s why we always make these options available to you – so that you can achieve your vision.

A window with geometric shapes fits in perfectly with mid-century modern houses.

A feeling of grandeur right at your door

In recent years, large front doors have been gaining in popularity. Why, you may ask? Firstly, because they line up with current large window trends. And mostly, because they can add significant elegance and stature to your home.  

Opting for a 2.44 m (96″) high door rather than once standing at 2.03 m (80″) can make all the difference in the appearance of your entryway. In addition to being highly attractive, a more sizable door carries the following advantage: when open, it floods your entrance area with gorgeous light. 

Glass to let in all the light

Befittingly, one of the most widespread architectural trends is the amplification of natural light inside the home. Undoubtedly, this preference can have a decisive influence on the type of door one may choose. 

With this in mind, the ideal door is one that will give plenty of light to a home’s entrance, i.e., an entryway designed with one or several openings. 

When it comes to glass panes made for doors, see-through glass provides optimal brightness. But if you’re looking for added privacy, sandblasted or textured glass can procure both practicality and elegance. And although frosted glass filters light, it still contributes to lighting up your vestibule.

Added light thanks to side windows 

People’s passion for light is quite remarkable, which is why windows placed right next to front doors have become increasingly popular. Lateral windows add character to your entrance and create a welcoming atmosphere that adds visual appeal to your home. 

In the past, two lateral window were installed, one flanking each side of a door. Nowadays, though, we tend to see more and more single side windows, often larger than their predecessors, placed on the left or right side of a front door. A contemporary appearance and plenty of light are guaranteed!  

As is the case for doors, side windows can be made of various types of glass: clear, frosted, textured… Depending on your privacy needs, the choice is up to you.

An extra-large side window lets in plenty of light. 

Door colours: from classics to one-of-a-kind

These past years, black and dark grey doors have become ubiquitous and are regarded with great favour. A most recent trend is to use these colours on the inside too, not just on the exterior side of the front door. And truly, dark front doors blend beautifully with modern architecture, which gives prominence to darker shades.  

With all this in mind, your front door constitutes an excellent opportunity to express your personality and set your house apart. If you’re drawn to a vibrant colour, go for it! Yellow, light grey, blue, khaki, red: there are tons of options that can make your entrance perfectly unique.

A colourful door, both outside and inside.

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