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Massive windows, massive impact


Rectangular, trapezoidal and triangular window panes make up an entire wall.

Much more than an architectural feature, large windows have the power to completely transform the look and feel of a home, giving it a “wow” effect. 

At Fenêtres Magistral, we’re proud to brighten and enhance your living space thanks to windows of impressive proportions.   

Formerly exclusive to prestigious dwellings, oversize windows are now used in single family dwellings of all statures and for various reasons.

For an interior bathed in light

The fact that large windows are trending in new properties comes as no surprise. Their ability to let natural light into our homes creates more welcoming, cozier living spaces—and the added brightness also does wonders for our mood and energy levels.

Walls adorned with oversize windows let you enjoy the sunlight, which comes in particularly handy during frostier months. Generous windows also create the illusion of having a more spacious and airy home.

For a wonderful view of an ever-changing landscape

By providing unobstructed views of your environment, large windows provide you with a direct connection to the outside world. 

Whether you have a lush garden, a majestic forest or an urban landscape surrounding your home, generous windows let you admire the world around you and enjoy the landscape as the seasons go by. 

Natural environment permitting, window treatments are cast aside for a “wow” effect. 

For the prestige of custom architectural windows

We at Fenêtres Magistral understand that each and every home is unique. Which is why we offer custom architectural windows, designed to fit in perfectly with the structure of your home. 

Choose among a variety of quality materials, styles and finishes to best suit your personal taste. What’s more, rest assured that the size of our custom windows will comply with the desired dimensions, up to the last centimetre. 

Together, we can arrange various shapes to achieve an exceptional look: rectangles, squares, trapezoids, triangles, semicircles — the sky’s the limit! 

For the comfort and savings of low-emissivity window glass 

Through technological advances, larger windows now also provide optimal energy efficiency. What has changed, you might ask? It’s low-emissivity window glass, featuring an invisible metal coating plus argon, an inert glass injected between layers of glass. 

In winter, low-emissivity window glass blocks out the cold while retaining heat indoors, whereas during the summer, the same glass stops the sun’s rays from overheating the inside of your home. The end result is improved comfort and increased savings in heating and air conditioning.

Floor-to-ceiling windows inject this home with an ultra-contemporary look.

For exceptional windows by Magistral

By integrating large windows in your construction or renovation project, you’ll be adding clear and tangible value to your home. Oh, and you’ll make it more comfortable and pleasant for all seasons by the same token.   

The experts at Fenêtres Magistral have mastered the art of making and installing large architectural windows. Our qualified teams will coach you along the entire process, from design all the way to installation. And should your windows be too big for us to transport them by truck, they will be assembled on premises.  

To take advantage of our know-how, don’t wait: contact an advisor who will make it their priority to add to your home the light, elegance and character you’re looking for.